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as well as Juliet Cafe and Romeo's At Juliet. 

Gratuity free dining. Living Wages. 
Great food. Great jobs. Great company. 

 Wednesday - Sunday
Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Brunch. 
Closed Monday and Tuesday

Juliet, the first permanent restaurant by Bread + Salt Hospitality, exists in the space formerly occupied by Sherman Cafe, an independent coffee shop favorited for years by Katrina and Josh. The small (less than 1,000 square foot) restaurant was designed by Katrina to be a showcase for the couple’s favorite things. The wide open floorplan virtually eliminates all separation between staff and guests with the kitchen taking up the majority of the space at the center of the room. Katrina’s curated wine and beverage program, spanning beer and classic leaning cocktails, offer tastes of the familiar alongside opportunities to try something new and unexpected. Josh’s menus carry on this tradition by offering a peek into the whims, histories, training, and personal proclivities developed throughout his life and career. Celebrating a collaborative environment, Katrina’s influence is felt throughout the changing menus as much as Josh’s in the style of service and design. 

A Tale Of Two Juliets, and a Romeo: 

Juliet operates as a casual café for breakfast and lunch Wednesday through Friday and weekend brunch. Juliet transforms into a full service dining experience, serving themed tasting  menus accompanied often by poems or essays by Josh and illustrations as well as dynamic design and service elements by Katrina. 
Dinner at Juliet is an immersive performance, like being invited to a dinner party thrown by a couple of very talented and hardworking craftspeople who really just want to treat you as friends. The menu and details of the service are planned and choreographed as a show, where the diner sits center stage and enjoys the story that Josh and Katrina have to tell. 

Once a week, on Sunday evenings, the team at Juliet reinvent themselves once again as Romeo’s. Romeo’s serves handmade pastas and other classic and modern Italian specialties, relaxing just a little bit for Sunday Supper. 

Juliet tells the story of Lewin and Jazayeri connecting with their neighbors through excellence in the craft of cooking and service reimagined as storytelling, and through the careful development of meaningful careers for all staff. 

Prices at Juliet are inclusive of service; no gratuity is expected. Staff are paid a living wage above state minimums and participate in a profit sharing program facilitated through the application of Open Book Management. 

Awards, Accolades, and Reviews


WGBH, Julia Child Culinary Stewardship Award, 2017   

Improper Bostonian, Boston's Best Restaurant Concept, 2017

Boston Magazine, Best Brunch, 2017

Bon Appétit, Best New Restaurants in America 2016
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Boston Globe, “Union Square restaurant Juliet is a jewel box filled with surprises” July 2016
“... a lot of technique that manages not to be show-offy, or even obvious, except that it makes things irresistible.” 

 Improper Bostonian, “Arise, Fair Sun: Juliet elevates the neighborhood restaurant into something special” May 2016
“... beneath Juliet’s sunny, unpretentious facade lies some extraordinary sourcing underpinned by a boatload of refined technique.” 

Boston Magazine, Restaurant Review: Juliet in Somerville, September 2016
“Juliet has the ambition and skill of a destination restaurant.” 
“Juliet is almost a dream restaurant.”